Why is Selfcare So Important To Our Life Balance?

Let's be honest, from the literal definition of balance, we are never truly balanced with our time. We will never spend the exact amount of time with our families as we do at work, school, with friends, etc. There just isn't enough time in a day. 
At some point in our lives we create goals in these four areas:
1. Self-care 2. Career 3. Family/Friends 4. Giving back to your community/volunteering
As life gets busy, we tend to prioritize certain areas more than others and most of us lack in self-care. We start to feel burnt out, fatigued, overworked; feeling we could be better or are inadequate in one of the four areas mentioned. We get so caught up in reaching our goals in life, we lose sight of what needs to be done to create our balance. That is practice self-care.
 Self-care isn’t just bathing, getting facials, hair, and nails done, etc. Or just eating healthy or being active, it is also growing and becoming a better parent, in your career, or needing to be more mindful of others, feelings, opinions, decisions etc. With our constant growth to become the best version of ourselves you need to re-fuel and rejuvenate you mind, body, and soul just as much as you are growing in each area of your life.
Balance is not something we become; it is a constant act we perform. Think of it as if you were standing on one foot and trying to balance.  You know that you can't balance on one foot forever. You know after a while you start to lose that balance due to fatigue and burn out in that leg and foot. Or if someone threw you a ball while balancing, it may throw our balance off and we have to start again. We sometimes have to give that leg and foot a break.
The same goes with our self-care. Our life balance is constantly evolving and changing depending on what is thrown our way. If we don't give ourselves time to recharge our minds and body we will become burnt out, fatigued, and eventually create other health issues.
This is why self-care is so important. The women who are not burnt out, tired, and feeling unbalanced are the women who first and foremost put their self-care as a priority. This allows them to create a clear goal for their OWN version of balance between family, career, and making a difference. Those are the women who radiate beauty. They are Balanced Beauties. 
 Self-care is the time FOR YOU to take care of YOU. It's the self-care processes you incorporate that will allow you the clarity to find your own life balance and be the best version of yourself.
Your version of a Balanced Beauty.