Common Questions

1. Can the bath bombs, soaps, and salts make my tub slippery?
Yes, due to the moisturizing components of our products we recommend you rinse out your tub and are careful when getting out because it may be slippery.
2. Will the bath bombs, soaps, or salts stain my tub?
No, our bath bombs, soaps, or salts will not stain your tub. 
3. Do your bath bombs have a strong scent?
Our bath bombs do not have an overwhelmingly strong scent; they have the perfect amount of oils to give you relaxing aroma therapy without causing a “fragrance headache”. Personally, I am extremely sensitive to fragrances and I have not had any issue with our fragrances being overwhelmingly strong. Medically, it is not healthy for us to breath in many fragrances even if they are considered “natural”, so our manufacturer follows strict protocols on their levels of fragrance. MSDS can be provided on request.
4. Can I use bath bombs if I have sensitive skin?
Our bath bombs should not irritate the skin. Our products are known to have skin benefits for many skin problems. However, some people may have a sensitivity to some fragrances or products so make sure you know what works best for your skin.
5. How long can I keep a bath bomb before using?
Each of our bath bombs are made by hand. It is recommended you use the bath bomb within 6 months of purchase. The best place to store you bath bombs are in an airtight container or Ziplock bag in a cool dark place. You do NOT want to keep your bath bombs in the bathroom due to the humidity that forms when we shower or take a bath. This will protect the bath bombs from moisture, losing its scents, and drying out.  
6. Do I need to rinse off after I bathe with a bath bomb or in bath salts?
We do recommend you rinse off after you soak with a bath bomb or in bath salts just to get off any access product such as the salts or glitter etc.
7. Can you cut a bath bomb in half to get multiple uses?
We do not recommend you cut the bath bombs in half because they may crumble. Our Cupcake Bath Bombs frosting is an exfoliator that can be reused two to three times.
8. I see multiple company names on the skin care products. Are they from different manufacturers?
Our skincare products are manufactured by Nu Skin located in Utah. Nu Skin has multiple skin and beauty care lines that use nature, science, and innovative technology bringing us some of the best anti-aging beauty and skincare products on the market. Each product line serves a purpose as to what it is trying to target. Each line has specific doctors and scientists focusing solely on those products. All products go through strict testing protocols before they can be released on the market. This is one of the reasons why we chose to sell Nu Skin products. They are consistent with their formulations so you will always get a product that works the way we advertise it does. Nu Skin has been around for over twenty years and many of their products are considered the #1 product of its kind on the market today.
9. What is your return policy?
For our Skin Care products, you can return your product up to 30 days and your return item must be unused. Due to the nature of how our bath bombs, soaps, and salts are created with natural ingredients we cannot except returns on these products. If you receive your product and there is an issue please contact us. See our detailed return policy on our website.