Halloween Craft Scary Door Hanger

Foam Door Hanger Supply List
1 Foam door hanger 
5-10 Paper Halloween stickers
Foam stickers (optional)
Empty fruit cup or something of similar size to trace to cut out circle to fit onto      door handle.
 Black Sharpie
Glue stick (optional)
Approximate 15-25 minutes to complete
1. Cut craft foam color of your choice 10 in x 4 in. You can make it as small a size as desired.
*Remember to make sure you have a large enough piece to add the hole at the top for the door handle. *
2. Use a circular object about 2.5 in. around and trace at center top of foam. We used a clean fruit cup.
3. Color in the black fence and ground where your pumpkins will sit.
4. Trace your Halloween paper stickers onto foam stickers and cut out.
5. Place paper stickers onto cut out foam stickers to give a 3D effect.
6. Now design your door hanger.
* If you don't have Halloween stickers you can draw the fence etc. on      construction paper and glue them onto the foam. 
* If you do not have supplies on hand, all of these can be purchased at the dollar store. The foam can be purchased in a pack of multi-colors.
* Check Michael's Craft Store. They always sell kits like this. Sometimes they are only a few dollars each, but sell pretty fast.
* If you sign up for their sales you can sometimes get these little craft ideas for less then $2 each! {Side tip, I set up an email account only to receive promo sales and discounts on different places I shop frequently.}
 * Sometimes I will just go and look at the kits to get a crafty idea. It is a bonus when I already have some if not all the supplies needed.  

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